WTS - EU - 90/97mm wheels, calibers 2 and DKP trucks/mounts, pulleys and bushings - I want to buy a new bike sell thread

Allright lads, I want a new bike, so you obviously want to send me money. Since I’m kind of nice, I’ll send you stuff in exchange for said money. Here is what I got :

97mm 78a lazy rolling wheels
Brand new, just out of the package
ABEC clone core

40t pressfit ABEC clones pulley
Great condition, minor scratchings. Probably less than 50km on them.

40t 15mm bolt on torqueboards ABEC pulley
Basically new. Minor mounting scratchings. I mounted them on first gen cloudwheels, which promptly cracked. So I didn’t have the joy to use them. Basically I paid shipping + import taxes for you. Now you can enjoy them at a decent price.

*Single 36t bolt one ABEC pulley

** No name Paris style single mount truck with 40t ABEC pulleys, motor mount and belt cover**

New, but I don’t remember where I got that

BN a 8mm truck axles with integrated bolt
New, I’m using the classic one

Various belts
I tried to put all sizes facing the picture. You can ask for a few free with any orders or 1euro each.

90mm kegel core China wheels


Used and a bit dirty but but still in a neat condition.
Actually been my fav wheels for some times

As you can see they are designed for pressfit pulleys but you can finish to drill the hole if you’re a bolt on type of guy.

DKP trucks with motor mounts, belt covers, and 36t kegel pulleys


Various scratches and dings from use. The front truck as some dumb bushings cause I lost some of the original ones.
I’d rather sell it as a lot since as you can see on the second pick, the truck as some stepped designed that needs either bolt on pulleys or the special bearing setup allready on those pulleys.

36t kegel bolt on pulleys


Also fairly used

DKP AliExpress supercarves clones with mounts


Ridden once, long story short, it got lost by laposte™ and popped at my door with a5months delay. So I had something else bought on the meantime.

Various bushings


Not seen much action
Blood orange 83a half stepped cones 5euros

Venom barrels 90a 10euros

Venom large stepped barrels and cones 90a 10euros

Caliber 2 trucks and torqueboard mounts


Fairly used, bought from @rusins not so long ago as a placeholder while I planned what to buy.
Has seen some riding but still in working condition
60ish euros

18t 15mm motor pulleys



Get all my shit special


Everything listed + a nice picture of me with my new bike
RIP, my sexy picks

So here is the drill. Shipping is on you, and may vary depending on your country and what you get.(range from 5 to 25 euros I think) You’ll get priority by order of arrival. But also you get higher on the list if you take multiple things.
Small discount can be talked about if you take a lot of stuff.
I’ll let the thread run a bit, but if someone wants to get the Get all my shit special he will be given the maximum priority.

I’d rather be paid via PayPal friends or revolut, but open to other ways.

Feel free to ask anything.
Also I’m not a professional vendor, so it might take me a few days to get things shipped.



Nice price dude, the DKP with the mounts and the pulley is particularly tempting !
But I’ll already have too much in my drawers
Good sell !


Thanks, I allready told this on my previous sell thread. If it’s used it’s used, it doesn’t make sense to sell at new price.
If you change your mind feel free to drop by :upside_down_face:


That’s some real shit there
I will incorporate that in all my future for sale threads.


Well, as a buyer it would not be the most pleasant experience if I was negotiating for a single object, and another guy arrives 2 days later and snatched it all even though i thought I had it


That’s why I’m not making this last too long. Tomorrowish if nobody wants it all, I’ll let everyone know that we can proceed.
Also trying to make this work as a win/win formula. I know it’s not perfect right now. The idea is to give a substantial discount if you spare me the hassle of handling tons of shipping

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Fun fact: The caliber trucks have Riptide 100A pivot cups installed, because I had destroyed the original ones.

How much time did you even spend with the trucks? Feels like I sent them to you less than a month ago :laughing:

Well less than a month it is XD.
I’m still planning on using the motors. But I got boardnamics on one board and hubs coming to take place on the other. So everything that is not latches to a board is let go off

How wide are the dkp hangers?

Potential dibs

Looking at the paris knockoffs, TB trucks and mounts and the BN axles. Are the bn’s for the 220s?

I can measure it later, but for now please enjoy this very confusing Chinese drawing

Sure thing my dude, can you please send a DM so I can track who wants what easier?
And yes the axles are for 220 bn’s

Ah ok, not gonna work for me. Thanks anyway.

Allright folks, that parting ou is starting. I’ll try to keep things up to date.

Wheels still available?

The 97mm are

just got some 97s, will have to pass