WTS EU 12S12P 30Q Battery + DieBieMS + Aluminium Enclosure

I’m selling the Titan V1 prototype battery.
It is hand build by our engineer in Germany.
Here you can watch the hole building process

There are 144 Samsung 18650 30Q batteries with about 10 cycles build in. The cells are less than 1 year old. The exact date is on the pack.
You get 200A of continuous power out of this pack, or 400A motor current (20kW).
1600Wh are good for 80-160km of range.

The DieBieMS can keep up with 240A total phase current or 120A max battery current. The fuse didn’t blow up once on those settings.
It is screwed on a 3D printed sink which is glued to the enclosure.

Everything is packed compact into a 57x25x5cm black painted aluminium enclosure (needs a fresh paint, if you care about optics) with cable routing, charging port, on/off switch and and holes to screw on the VESCs.

It’s basically a plug and play battery kit. Just throw your VESCs inside and you are ready to go.

Price 999€ shipped OBO


Price update 949€

New price 899€

This will sell fast. Take it.

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849€ for this juicy package.

799€ is all you need.

Price update 749€

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Some sanding and a fresh coat of paint would help a lot in selling this


I can do it if it is required. ATM the enclosure is kind of a free addon.

Price Update 699€ or the whole package or 599€ for just the battery without BMS

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If anyone takes the battery only, I would be interested in the DieBieMS.



649€ for the whole package.

I’m interested in buying the entire package. What’s your best price? Thanks, Natalia

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Happy to Buy this nice pack can it be shipped out this weekend?

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999€ down to 599€?

Seems like the best price right here.


Whole package reserved for @Esk

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@Esk didn’t answer PMs so it is available again.
@ESK8RIDER If you still want it you can have it.
649€ for the hole package or 549€ just the battery.

Up. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Still available

I really want this, let me get my measuring tape, cos if it fits my board, this would be amazing