(WTS) (EU) 10s5p 30Q battery, 10s and 12s bms, Tesseract

Hey, I am selling new 10s5p 30Q (cells are from nkon) battery with bestech D140 charge only bms. Battery was built by me. Fuse on charging port, xt90, everything in fishpaper, no crossing balance wires. Battery is new, charged for 10 mins just to check if everything is okay. I am selling it because I could not ship it to Iceland to guy who ordered. Dimensions: 14.5 x 29 x 3.8cm
300 eur - SOLD

Loaded Tesseract. In good shape, previous owner sanded edges on bottom side. 100 eur

Bestech bms, all new, packed
12s d596 - 58 eur
12s d140 - 30 eur
10s d596 - 56 eur
10s d140 - 28 eur

Bump! I have to many bms!

Still selling the d140 12s bms? :slight_smile:

Nop, I am out of those. I have few 12s D596 left

Ah thats a bummer. Thanks anyway.

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Still got any of the 12s D596?

Yes I do!

@BillGordon please close this thread :slight_smile:

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