[WTS] (EU) 10s4p 30Q Battery 200€

Hey there. I finally finished my own board (will post soon) but in the process i changed my mind a few times. So i have some spare parts to sell now. I wanted to build a Foosted first so i have built a 10s4p Samsung 30Q battery inspired by electricpacks. I gotta say that i did learn a lot in the process but Building a battery is not easy.

Anyway here is my creation. All the P Groups are isolated with sticky fish-paper and all the series Connections reinforced with double strips. 100% pure Nickel strips (i tested them). Spot-Welded with the Boss-Welder. All the Balance-lead Connectors are isolated with Kapton Tape and FishPaper underneath them. Charge-only BMS. Discharged and charged about 5 times to test if all is good and it worked perfectly. I bought the cells from NKON so they are legit. Can throw in some XT60 & 90s and or a few Cables and isolating Material if needed. I can also solder some connectors or Adapters or an Anti-Spark if you would like to. I also sell all the Little parts for a few bucks too. You can see the measurements in the pictures.

EU-Only shipping with UPS or DHL Express. I will cover the shipping cost.

If you have any other questions or wishes just pm me. I am also thinking about building more batteries for $ or Bitcoin. So if there is demand for it let me know.

Price i was thinking about 200€. But shoot me offers. 10% Discount if you pay in Bitcoin.

Cheers, Gabe

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Would recommend posting some pictures of how the battery was built. Insulation, balance wires, etc.


You will have a hard time selling that battery without pics of the cells themself and spot welds etc…


I doubt that anyone is going to buy that unless you post pictures as was already mentioned ^^ or remove shrink wrap so that everything is exposed and make new pictures, then reshrink.

Either way, I’m not a buyer, just my thoughts.


Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I hope i have enough shrinkwrap to do that. Will update when i made more Pictures. Didn`t think of taking during the build as it was intended to be used by me. Thanks.

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