(WTS) enertion raptor part out. Motors/ deck+enclosure/

Hey all! She is staying at home for a while so i’m parting it out! It has less then 100-150 miles i assume. Bc i only ride it to keep the battery around %50-60. I’ll be keeping the OG focboxes and be
probably donate them to museum in 1-2 years. Lmk if any of you interested in these.

Hubs and trucks 110+shipping
Deck and enclosure 90+shipping
I assume no one will want the battery soo :man_shrugging:t3:

that’s been a long time since I’ve seen raptor hub thanes in such a good state, serious unobtainium
I thought the raptor 2’s controller was a unity though and not single focboxes

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The og raptor 2s were focbox, the raptor 2.1 was unity


Its barely ridden to be honest. Bc i prefer more flexy decks :raised_hands:t3: i don’t know how others look like but its a old board.

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U need to have a price for each part u selling

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Ah so its not broken down yet :smiley:

I bought my raptor really cheap.

Previous owner woke up in hospital after thane exploded.

If you replace the hubs with some ownboard or literally anything else it’s a pretty good board.