WTS DIY LACROIX. Plz buy so I can fix my teeth

US - DIY Lacroix
would prefer not to ship and I am willing to drive a little bit to drop off.
I am from New Jersey.

I literally just finished building this board. It’s not something I want to sell, But unfortunately, life does not want me to have an expensive hobby right now. I just found out my insurance will not cover the dental work I need, So that being said I will trade my board for dental work lol.

DIY Lacroix
Lacroix deck/enclosure
18S6P Molicel P42A
Newbee RTKP Trucks
Newbee DM1 rims
MakerX - D100 ESC
SKP 6485 Motors
Hoyt Puck (can include 2 extra cases if interested)
MBS Front foot strap
Qing 200x75 tires (Also have extra I will include)

$2000 final price drop before I just forget about it




Interested in the DM1 rims if you part out


Hopefully won’t come to that, but we’ll see.


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Price update bump :frowning:

Hard sell I guess

Completes are hard to sell these days, bruv. Sucks all the D’s that you have to sell it at all but you’ll probably have more luck parting her out… glws

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Blows my mind this hasn’t sold already. It’s in the US of all places, a buyer will surely show up. None of the parts are outdated, and they all make sense… :fire: build


Yeah I figured I wouldn’t have an issue. I’m gonna have to see if my dentist wants to buy it :sweat_smile:

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Have you considered just going to Mexico? Trip + treatment is cheaper than your local dental surgeon.

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I have, I’m possibly looking at full mouth reconstruction. Which is much cheaper out of the country. The problems are when you run into issues (god forbid) you are either traveling back down there and repaying to have stuff done or paying a dentist in the States to restart the whole process because they won’t work over another dentist’s work that was done out of the country. It’s too much liability. Full mouth reconstruction isn’t as one-and-done as they make it seem. Judging by the people who have had it done that I’ve spoken with.


Absolutely right, ive been working on total rebuild of just my upper foot 6 years soon. Given over had hiccups with covi and my dentist had a stroke, its been bone graft surgeries and other minor surgeries just to prep for the implants. Finally had the big surgery back in december and ive been wearing a provisional prosthesis for 9 mo waiting for the dentist to get the lab techs for an appointment so i can explain the minutiae that i need adjusted for the final piece. Minor details such as my bite line being a mm or so too high up, causing my jaw to be ever so slightly hyper extended when i bite. Or one tooth on the prosthesis sticking out and causing my jaw to shift a mm over when I’m fully closed. These details would be a royal bitch to manage from another country.



Everyone likes a little bump :eyes:


Sunday bump

Hey bro…
I know I’m an unknown & new to the fiorum, but I was a pre-dental student (decades ago) & woeked in the dental indstry for about 5-6 years all told.
There are a few options when you got a bunch of dental woork needed at once but don’t have the cheese (insurance usually never pays out more than 1800 per year unless it’s actually MEDICAL insurance & the work needed is the result of a hospitalization event/accident - in which case - it wildly vvaries from policy to policy & company to company as well.
There arer shockingly wway more financing options than I ever imagined & that was 20 yrs ago - even with crap credit or no credit - it’s fairly easy to get a substantial loan for dental work - jkust watch yourself - some are high interest rates & long tern & you end up an endentured servant.

Your best option in a pinch - (i think this is better than state insurrance dental care - which youll get the bottom of the barel in your area guaranteed) - Best option is the nearest dental school,
They NEED patients to have/let their students work on - because they’re kids (with instructors present) & might fuck up - you get by on the cheap.

You’ll get a higher caliber care this route than through most general practioners actually = but - if you’re prone to react to traumatic events or whatever - or are a pussy when it comes to0 dentistry - just tell them & they’ll generally write you a script for xanax or some shit - but lregit - that might be a good way to go anyways - being a student cadaver cvan be stressful as fk.
I recommend headphones & drugs,
Hope that helps.


Words to live by.
This will get you through 99% of life’s problems lol

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just got the final number from the dentist. I definitely need to sell this board. I guess we are dropping the price again :disappointed: $2500.
Take care of your teeth :toothbrush:

Yooo wtf is that right!? 5 figures…

You might need to try FB marketplace too if you haven’t already.

Yeah, $40k sadly