WTS Complete 10s3P Subsonic Carvon Commuter build

Location: Boston, MA USA
Price: $600

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I will upload more tomorrow especially of the internals when I get back home. Board is in great condition, has 100-200 miles on it. This guy won’t blow you away with speed but can easily hit 25mph + and has plenty of torque to carry my 160lbs uphill. Overall very smooth ride, especially with the direct drive carvons.
Please drop any questions you may have! I’d prefer someone local to grab it, but I’m happy to work with you on shipping if someone far away really wants it.


Parts Description:

Deck: Subsonic Spirit 30” with carbon fiber bottom and fiberglass top layer. Custom hurricane grip tape pattern.

Enclosure: Eboosted subsonic spirit fiberglass enclosure

Battery: Samsung 30Q 10s3p, built by Eboosted

Esc: focbox unity

Motors: carvon Torquedrive v4

Front truck: surfrodz 200mm RKP

Wheels: abec 11 107mm superfly

Remote: Hoyt st puck (wooden) I believe it’s the v1

Extra: comes with a black carrying case made for longboards, will post pic tomorrow.

Charger included


Can confirm this carvon drivetrain is solid.

Not super much torque with 107mm but a great top speed and good freeroll!
Truly a smooth ride.
Love to use this drivetrain in summer.



More pictures added! I will say taking this guy out the closet has me rethinking my decision. Only gonna open up the shell if there’s a buyer interested and wants to check internals.

Price drop!

Bump, any interest in a part out?

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Interested in unity and puck

Bump price change

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