WTS Carvon V4 torque drive

The torque drives are brand new, comes with the front truck and wheels it came with.
XL’s have a little over 100 miles on them. They have that weird clicking issue that others have reported on startup. Doesn’t really affect the ride but it definitely needs to be mentioned. Not sure what to ask for these because I don’t know what causes the clicking but I paid $800 so Give me an offer.

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these are the xl’s, they now have the abec adapter that slides over the can

This is the issue I’m talking about. Hasn’t lead to cut outs or any issues while riding

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The rattle might be a slight size difference with the soccer he provided. I had mine switched out and it fixed the issue


Bump, $400 for each

Price drop, $375 for each

What did you switch out?

Do you remember what the Kv is on the Torquedrives?

Calculated mine this past weekend. dead on 84kv.


Oops typo. The spacers he was providing in the beginning made a rattle noise on mine

When I switched to the later ones it was fine.

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Price down to $350 each

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UPDATE. XL’s are sold.
Torque drives still available, although someone’s close to buying them

$325 + free shipping in the US for torque drives

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How’s much for shipping to uk

Save your money for a new VESC6


I know

I am just asking

I’ve decided to just hold onto them for now at least