(WTS) - Carbon Fiber Deck- $180

Looking to upgrade my current build with a different deck so this one needs to go.
The deck comes from a prebuilt board i purchased a few months back, Ownboard Carbon GT,
The deck can fit a 12s3p battery pack and a vesc in the enclosure. im only looking to get $180 for it.


This is a duplicate thread. You should just update your old post.


i cant edit the post yet, im a new member so i havent unlocked all the features yet which is why i created another post

Well in that case, you could have posted a reply :slight_smile:

Anyway, try posting it other places too

do you happen to have links of other sites where i can post it and find more esk8 information like on this forum?

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The electric skateboarding subreddit, Facebook marketplace (there’s lots of esk8 groups), craigslist, ebay, Offerup, Mercari, etc. etc.

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PM sent yesterday.


Payment sent.


@xsynatic wave ur magic wand please :kissing_heart:

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You are really stalking every post aren’t you? :smiley: @frame