WTS [CAN] - 6389 130KV lacroix motors

Used for under 1000km, pulled from my lonestar. Selling because i bought radium motors. I changed all bearings in both cans, nothing wrong with them but i figured I’d put a fresh set in if selling.

Snapped one of the bolts that holds down lacroix mounting plate while changing the bearings, doesn’t affect anything though.

Includes x8 mounting hardware, both old large bearings, and 2 brand new large bearings
pics - https://imgur.com/a/naYQbwA

Ships from Canada - $210usd shipping included. Add ~$25 if shipping to U.S


Are they standard 44mm bolt pattern or lacroix specific 30mm?

Unrelated but where did you buy the bearings?

searched on ebay ali and amazon

ahhh c’mon this was the deal i was looking for a month ago



Are they the same as on my Nazaré?
If so they are 190kv.

What’s the cost in Canadian? No point in converting just to convert back.

Different, mine are from the supersport.

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price drop

Will take $270cad shipped