[WTS] [AU] Trampa Orrsom Board Complete in Melbourne

Subject: [AU] Trampa Orrsom Board Complete in Melbourne

Item 1
Description: Selling my Orrsom Board that I purchased on August last year. Comes with the charger.

I’ve used the board for commute to my workplace until I had a nasty crash. Since then I’ve been putting off riding and decided to sell it for someone to use instead of it collecting dust in my apartment.

I fitted with a 12s4p battery (Samsung 30q) that I built myself. I believe I’ve cycled the battery for more than 100 times, but I’m too sure. I rode it recently for the first time in a month to test the condition, but there hasn’t been a problem at all and have had no noticable drop in distance.

I would like to sell this locally (I live in melbourne), but I might be able to ship it nationally. International shipping is out of the question unfortunately.

Top Speed: ~55-60kph
Range: 15~20km
Battery: 12S4P Samsung 30Q with Bestech BMS D596
Deck: TRAMPA ORRSOM Longboard Deck
Motors: 6364 160kv TRAMPA motors
Wheels: 165mm Urban Treads
Trucks: 12Fifty Extra Wide Longboard Hangers 310mm with 9.525mm axle
ESC: 2 x VESC 6 MkV
Controller: Maytech 2.4GHz Remote Controller MTSKR1712
Charger: 4 amp Charger with AU plug

Price (AUD): $3000 + shipping costs if nessesary


Would it be possible to see pictures of the battery pack when you were building it?

I only have a few pictures at the start of the process but here there are.

Here’s it charging


Looks nice dude, I have shared to a few groups in Melb :+1:


Thank you!


I can confirm this is a great deck. If you want a pneumatic board that is easy to carry this is the way to go.

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