WTS AU only 12s8p p42a single stack with LLT smart BMS

Australia only unfortunately (slight chance i can send it with my board for esk8con purchase)

12s8p p42a single stack built by @glyphiks for 4wd board in mind. Seen about 60 cycles and still perfectly balanced.

Perfect fit for for Semendeed now Semenbone by @CannoliRoller

67cm long and 22cm pack dimensions. Bottom shrink wrap has some friction marks from a bit of debris that got into the enclisure.

Sreal at $1000 AU now!!! Well under half the build cost. Can throw in two top mount esc boxes as shown in second pic.


Man, if I was in AUS I’d jump at the chance to get a @glyphiks battery in prime condition.


Indeed! There’s not gonna be any more of them!


$1200 AU! Seriously seen only 60 cycles

$1000AU!!! Well under half the build cost!!!

Damn! Some one local NEEDS to build out a semendeed/semenbone , this is getting ridiculous!


So So tempted.

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It’s still sitting there perfectly balanced. $900 it’s yours!