WTS 63100 Battle Hardened Motors

2 motors. Left has a not very perpendicular shaft so it rubs the magnets slightly and makes a noise at low rpm but above 10km/h sorts itself out. Caused by a shaft slippage and made the tolerance between the shaft and the can (something like 0.1mm) so that it rubs ever so slightly on the magnets :roll_eyes: 30euro

Right is a perfect motor. 60euro

Both have upgraded NSK bearings (the bearings cost like 30euro per motor. Quality stuff), fully battle-hardened by me, 63100 with 10mm shaft, 140kv.
Not seen many km in either. Both have reinforced 3rd grubscrews with 648 Loctite.
Neither have scratches really. Almost like new

MR60, no sensors

Honestly, the bad motor risks nothing as it’s fully battle-hardened with epoxy and glass microspheres, apart from the terrible noise at low rpm (10km/h) it runs perfectly

this is a great option for a 1wd short board.

Shipping + Paypal fees not included

If you have any questions, shoot.


I’ll take these


Are they gone or still available?

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Oups they sold long ago. Sorry man!
@xsynatic :zap: