WTS 2 FOCBOX Unitys $300 each [SOLD]

2 unitys, you pay for shipping. 300 dollars each, available to ship ASAP. Ordered back in may but have since gotten other controllers and wont need these.! Located in CA, Oakland 20190815_193901|375x500

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I ordered in May

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Dont worry! They will be shipped in june 2019.


ROFL! “or wait maybe july”

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Add your location.

Oakland California

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Still a better love story than twilight


So true

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Why do I see a lot of people selling their Unity?

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Because people ordered expecting to use in a build for the summer. Delivery got pushed back again and again. So they bought something else.


I’ll take one if you can ship them to Indonesia, let me know.

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Let me find put how much shipping will be, send me your address over private message.

Unreliable and it arrived so late that people bought better alternatives.

I’ll take both, PM’d on both forums

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I’ve got one for sale aswell, shipping from NY

Is this finished already? I want one.

Shipping date is unreliable or the FOCBOX Unity product itself?

Both sales pending will update