WTS 18s Flux Motion Hypertruck-Lite Build

selling my brother’s almost brand new 18s board I just finished building recently, he got injuried at work and will be recovering for most of the year at least. Looks like he won’t be getting back into esk8 for a while - ill include tons of goodies that ive got in storage for this board like bearings, enclosure screws, griptape, puck cases, Hypertruck flange and riptide bushings, etc. The enclosure was wrapped from day one, so there should be no scratches underneath the vinyl car wrap.

The board was built over several months and just got it running in January. Newbee rims was also bought in the last month (MBS hubs on in photos - Selling with Newbee CNC hubs or no hubs)

The battery was meticulously built by me, tons of material added, solid solder joints, Bluetooth BMS - no more than 10 charge cycles. Hundreds of hours were spent getting this thing where its at now. I’d keep it but I already have a LSSS, so this board needs a new owner. Loctite on all screws, board is fully ready to rip.

All enclosure wires are wrapped in gaffer tape and secured down and stuffed with fishpaper and kapton tape.

This was taken with my polarized light and lens to remove shadows which I see now definitely highlights all imperfections that aren’t even noticeable in person.

-18S6P - P42A cells - bluetooth BMS
-Flux motion deck and enclosure
-Stormcore 100Dx on a heatsink
-6389 130kv motors, new bearings
-Hoyt puck + batwing case
-Newbee impaler CNC wide hubs ($350 value - willing to sell without)

18T Steel pulleys
72T 7075 aluminum wheel pulley
6A charger (3-12A variable charger available separately)
Hypertruck bushings - Grey, Green, White, Red

Extra Set of 8" tires w/ tubes
Extra 425mm belts
Rear shredlights with mounts
Front pull bar
Extra new griptape
+Anything extra I have in my storage bins

Ships from Canada.

*$3300USD shipping included anywhere in Canada/USA. Payment via Paypal.
*$2950 without rims
*$1250 for Deck/Enclosure/Heatsink + Battery

Full photo album - https://imgur.com/a/p1yT1AA


That is a sweet ass build buddy! Too bad it’s not in EU.


I can ship anywhere if the buyer wants to throw a little extra $ for the crazy shipping cost

-EU shipping is $500 :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Thanks for checking!

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$100 price drop - will also sell with no rims for -$350

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Deck/Enclosure/heatsink + battery combo available for $1250


got a 3-12A charger i’ll throw in for free instead of the 6a

$3800cad shipped anywhere in canada.

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