WTS 12s8p, Molicel p42a battery, smart bms, charger, EU

Hey, i want to sell this custom built molicel p42a 128p pack, all info on photos. Located in eu, write private messages or let me know in coments, i would say price around 1500usd would be ideal, but we can talk about it a little bit, so if you are serious buyer, i can do 1400 (including battery, charger, smart bms with bluetooth module and charging port)

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If you are actualyl serious and will buy it fast, i can go down all the was to1200usd :slight_smile:


Price : 1500$ (BUT if you are SERIOUS = 1200$)



Batteries alone are 500$ new, bms is 50$ and the charger is 50-100$?

The parts alone are 600$ and lets say hiring someone to build it for you would cost 200$?

Brand new its 800$+ and you want 1150$ (OFFICIAL PRICE) for a used one


and add in the fact that you have no idea on the quality of this thing, might not be p42a, might not have fishpaper between cells, and connections may not be soldered properly.
He might have spent $1150 building the thing, but that doesn’t make it a $1150 battery.
What a nutter. I’d be suprised if he got 700.

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Hope its allowed to say:



Mine is looking like a bargain right now

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It’s built by @pjotr47 , he’s a good builder, knows his stuff.

Large packs take time, unless this is someone’s full time job they would charge more. That’s why I valued the 12s8p I built at 1000€. And this one includes a charger, so it’s a fair price imo. Here’s what SKP charges, for reference:


Excuse my ignorance. I thought he wanted 1150 for a generic nameless battery of unkown quality. If made by a trusted source then ofc 1150 is reasonable.
SKP is always a little pricey, but he makes good quality stuff. I bought a 12s4p from him and it’s held up pretty nicely. Just had to put some new heatshrink on it yesterday after almost a year of use and it’s good as new.

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I put in brief amateur estimations as 1500 is a bit much given that the battery is used as well. The comedic part is mostly the Price : 1500, OFFICIAL PRICE 1150

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96x molicels p42a are 500? where? As i see, it like 7bucks per cell, so thats min 700 for cells alone… This price (the 1150) includes battery, smart bms and charger. Pack is built by pjotr, which is one of the best builders right now and he knows his shit… Ss one guy here said, 1k eur is ideal price, which is like 1100usd for only battery!

yes, 1500 is a lot, and i think 1150 is good price. Sorry for the “official price” as i dont know how to edit the original post or am just blind and dont see where i can do that.

If someone is building this for that little, you don’t want them building your pack, that or they’re doing you a big favor.


Most suppliers have a bulk discount and charge $5 a cell if you buy more than 50.

Mayhaps. My price experience is from a smaller pack so it makes sense that a bigger battery would cost more to make.

anyways, LOWERING THE PRICE TO 1050usd

@pjotr47 made this pack.
It’s :100:% legit.

But OP is not Pjotr(and a bit neurotic it seems), anything could have happened with this pack. Be cautious.

Yes, ofc its legit… I am just selling this board like a year now and i just want to finally sell it. its fully functional and was used few times. i used it for like half a year.

Also you cannot edit your posts because of your trust level. You can ask @xsynatic to edit the post for you.