[WTS] 12s4p - Panasonic NCR21700 Charges up to 80% - $150

used pack for 2 months - 15 cycles maybe - well cared for never exposed to extremes.
Panasonic NCR21700T 19.2AH

Had a scooter repair shop look it over and re wrap - diagnosed with bad BMS blocking a full charge around 80% capacity - said all banks had normal voltage

Came out of this:

You pay shipping or pickup in St.Petersburg FL.

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Just letting you know, batteryhookup were selling these cells for $2.75 each, which is much less than what you’re asking, plus those were in better condition and didn’t require pack disassembly. I’d consider dropping the price more, or giving it away.


yea @Evwan has a point the cells are cheaper and in better condition even if you would need to find someone to build the pack or do it yourself still comes out cheaper than what your asking

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Price reduced to $130

lower than $2.75 ea.



U still have this hm is shipping to pa I’m interested I build batteries and can fixx myself

Thats not an esc.

No it’s not bud a good dude helped me out with that tho tryin to get my battery game up n I need some 21700 cells at a decent price well a price I can afford

I’d avoid this. He’s charging retail for used and abused cells.

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Ok man ty for advice I can’t find any of these 21 700s anywhere besides one other person

batteryclearhinghouse has them for $3/cell if you buy 100. These cells are only good for 7p and above. At 7p they sag pretty bad, and at 8p its tolerable. There are other options on liionwholesale.com, 18650batterystore, etc

OK you’re saying the ones that this guy selling get a voltage sag if it’s not above 7P

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Depends on how hard you ride, but above 8 amps of drain per cell will have some bad sag. At 12s4p I wouldn’t pull over 32 amps