wtb x thing (new school) uk

if someone has for new school pattern
if they look good then bonus points

doesnt need to be an x but they need to stop bolts from ripping through my deck




I think that’s a very good suggestion and it is not expensive.


i was actually considering using mine but it looked really bad
maybe if something like a screen could go on top… (my bank account cant take anymore of this)

if there are some actual xthings i would love it

@ApexBoards ones are awesome but not for old school and i dont wanna drill as im aweful at that

i sent @moon a pm but he hasnt got back yet. (think im blocked by him…) as i wanted to see if he had spare moonbeams whcih fit both
anyone in the uk got a set?

@bigben maybe?

Sorry chap. None here to spare.

hmmmmmmmm :thinking: :unamused:

I’ve got a fuckton of stuff. Some of it spare, some of it not.

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Don’t worry jk

If you got any spare x things let me know

3dservisas has them for 20€

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i think they are for old school can you confirm?

These look like they are made to fit both patterns:



Edit: If DAVEGA baseplate is not good enough for you! :face_with_monocle:

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yep they are just i didnt know whether the website was up to date and whether i would actually get my product delivered

I ordered some motor mounts from them about a year back. It did arrive and really well made. They seem legit.

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nice gonna order then

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