WTB/WTT: Carvon kegel adaptors

WTB: Carvon V4 SD R kegel adaptors

I have a Carvon V4 SpeedDrive “R” and would be instested in buying some kegel adaptors for it, or trading abec adaptors for kegel. Please let me know if you have these.

If you have any extra abec adaptors, I might be able to use those as well and turn them into kegel… hmu obtained

Plan B: Does anyone have the stl for these adaptors?



I would love to know if amyone has them too?
I have a set of XL’s.

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I think they were made for the torque drive only. a 3d print I tried didn’t hold up very well.

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Someone on the old forum made some. I think his username was pixelsilva or something.

He made Speedvent adapters (or at least a single set) then disappeared before making the kegel cored version.

I retitled the thread for you :wink:

I have a set of PXSS improved abec adapters. I hope Jerry ships my drives soon…


I was thinking about this. I guess it never happened

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I’m talking about those – I have a set. All in, good money after bad.

Ah, right, the Kegel never happened. I bet PXSS will answer if you tag him or PM. Might even make a batch if enough people need them…


Problem is, I’m not sure there are enough Carvon sets in the wild to make anything like that feasible


Nope. That was not me. But a guy in Insta made me a couple sets of ABEC style 90% infill 3D printed high strenght filament pulleys (36T & 40T) for my 107mm 62CP Electric Flywheels



What happened with the Kegel adaptors for Carvon V4 SpeedDrive “R”, found any?

Never found any. Not entirely convinced they exist.

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@b264 did you ever find any? or anyone?

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He’s probably machined his own by now, knowing Brian. lol

Maybe there’s an stl of the adapter somewhere so you can give that to a machinist or print shop to make a prototype :man_shrugging:t2:

We have machine shops over here where you send them a file and they’ll give you a quote back. That might be your best bet.


that is the hope

was actually talking to brian about buying his carvons. since tbdd seem to have issues and no other good dd or hubs except hummie.

sadly looked on the other forum and the stl doesnt seem to exist
been looking a bunch. maybe will hire someone to make the stl for me if i send him dimensions and etc


there was this post on the old forum but that file has been deleted so our only hope is if someone already downloaded it

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I am convinced these were never made.


Ah ok fair enough might look into getting someone to design a pair and see if I can get them cnced
If anyone else is interested prob will bring the price down

@surfnacho you wanna give it a go?