need a good used vesc 6
shipped from canada or around montreal preferred
dual or 2x vesc

I would retitle WTB VESC CANADA

my primary spoken language is french lol! but you still understand me :joy:

Lacroix is in Montreal


i think you don’t read properly , i mentionned ‘‘USED’’

I have a single used Trampa VESC6 (the first ones from Trampa with the blue top). I only have 1, but am willing to sell it. Very reliable ESC

hey kevin are you doing ! thank you very much but you sold me a dual gear drive with motors remember? :smile: long story short , its time to me to switch to 12s in foc mode :smile: that why my 2x 4.12 vesc are on sell and they run great, but its not recommend to used them on 12s so i prefer to sell them before going poof!! and that why i need a good used vesc 6 ,

I know you!
The vesc6 is a single motor ESC, so you will need two. I only have one, but it is available if needed. Good condition, has been sitting on the shelf for too long.


i am also selling a trampa vesc 6 (one of the blue ones).