Wtb used mbs yellow and orange shock blocks PAIRs not full set

As the title implies I am looking for softer shock blocks for a single matrix 2 truck, I’d like to loosen up my front truck. Currently running red(hard) on the front and back of the board. Best case scenario I get a pair of yellow and a pair of oranges from someone who bought those sets to run a split durometer setup like I intend to

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I’ve got a set (2) of orange. Never used.where are you located?


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I’m in indiana

Also frannys sold


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$12. Plus whatever shipping is. Shouldn’t be much. Pm me your address.

Where you at in Indiana? I’m in Cincinnati and try and poach as many diy builders as possible to come ride.

Near Lafayette & and purdue! And still looking for some yellow blocks!

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I might have an extra set of yellow at home. I’ll take a peek when I’m there and let you know.

Finished my build

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I only have orange and red :pensive:

Hard to go wrong with an MBS complete and some lunch boxes.

Get some of this for the battery wires.

and at least shrink wrap over the bullet connections, maybe pull them into the box a bit and shrink wrap the entire length as well.