[WTB] [USA] Landyachtz Evo 40"

Looking for Evo 40" with DS enclosure or deck alone.

Willing to pay up to $300 depending on what you got and condition.

Ship to zip 67203

Edit –

Found an Evo. Thanks @tipsy !

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Hey this was me last week.

GL dude!

Someone pmed and got me sorted nicely hoping the same for you!

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I got a Sender deck on the way, won’t need this one anymore.
Rivet M5 inserts.
Enclosure and tamales not included.


How much for the tamales shipped to Orlando?

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This is some rare unobtanium. Grab this shit


Damn should have put LY evo in the title of my thread those are two solid options.

Some happy people who pick those up!

Dis so beauuuuutiful… if ye find an enclosure fer it I give you $500​:eyes::penguin:

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paging bigben…