[WTB - USA] Flatland 3d pro (v2) FULL glove (not the fingerless one)

Title, yo.


I have a pair of each (fingered and fingerless). The fingered gloves tore around the seams with very little use.

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Can you recommend gloves that allow a lot of airflow?

The Flatlands fingerless have been great. I don’t use any others.

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I’m a big fan of the Knox Orsa, I believe Knox is the parent company of Flatland, so the Orsa is similar to the 3D pro gloves, but sturdier bc it’s marketed for motorcycles/dirtbikes. It’s not a bulky glove, while still offering a ton of protection. Seems like the airflow is rly good as they haven’t done a good job of keeping my hands warm at all, haha.


I’ll give them a look! Thanks :slight_smile:

@BillGordon or other admins, please close this :slight_smile:

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