[WTB-USA] Dual Focbox 3D Servisas Heatsink

Hello everyone, just looking for one of these to top off my next build. Please let me know asap if you have one :slight_smile:

To be clear though I’m not looking for the box case, I just want the plate for the one side of the focbox


@moon has a very nice dual focbox heatsink. Beautifully machined and all black and stuff.

I have one that I hassled him for ages about and it is still sitting on the bench. Way I roll.


So does that mean I can PM you, or that I should bother Moon? :joy:

I’ll send you a PM if moon doesn’t pop by

Why did you delete your comment? Giving dareno/moon the sale, or you don’t actually have one? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather pay domestic shipping anyways, not that a little heatsink is much anyways lol

I have one but I don’t think it’s the one you need after I reread your post


Unfortunately not, sorry. I’m looking for the plate that just attaches to the sides with the fets.

I would use that one if I could… My ESC enclosure is already a tight squeeze though >_<

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The Evolve CarbonGT FOCBOX heatsink plate really gets them super tight; if you can’t find this one, maybe try to get your hands on one of those.

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Hell yeah, thank you!

E: ah damn.


Ok so, in using the eboosted vanguard enclosure, and that heatsink looks pretty wide and fat… Compared to the enclosure at least :thinking:

What would you do? These enclosures barely fit 2 side by side Focboxes.

I don’t know about those enclosures and since FOCBOX 1.7 was discontinued, I stopped paying attention :sob:

I’m sorry, maybe someone else knows :smiley:

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All good, thank you though

Are you talking about this one ??

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YES :smiley: