[WTB - USA] AT board: Trampa, Kaly, or Lacroix (~$2k price range)

Hello all!

I am currently in the market for a new AT or off-road board, and before I convince myself to take on a full blown DIY project, I figured I’d see what is available already.

As far as pre-builts go, I’m mainly interested in Kaly or Lacroix. I am also interested in a Trampa off-road build, but it is probably more likely that I’ll end up building that one myself. I’m open to offers though. I’ve seen many builds here that I’d love to be able to ride daily!

My budget is roughly $2k, but I can go higher if the board/deal is right.

I am located in NC, and am willing to drive several hours (basically the east coast) for a local pickup.



Hey, if you haven’t found one yet. I have a lacroix prototipo DSS60 for sale.

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Add pictures, or link to a thread with them!

Don’t know how to do that, lmao

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You may not be able to yet the easiest way would be set the photos up on Google drive in a file and then attach a link to that file here.

@AlexJT I’m hoping this is your board it is the same description that Bobby @Xtrakritical gave us on telegram


Are you saying the board might not be his?

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No @Xtrakritical was helping him out

Oh, ok that makes sense

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Yes correct, I saw he was looking to sell so I shared his post…

10 percent finders fee? Lol


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I could build you a flux for around this price

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