[WTB - USA] 63xx Motors, Unity/vesc's, 218mm+ trucks, Motor mounts and more


As some of you know my board got wrecked when I got hit by a USPS van. No joke.

Anyway, my claim has been settled, and I am just waiting on the check in the mail.

With that being said, and uni starting soon I need to build a new commuter board. I want my claim money to go back to the community as much as possible, so below is a list of things I am looking for.

  • 2x - 63xx motors, preferably TB but i’m open to anything - sourced!

  • 1 set - 218mm+ trucks (any hanger big enough for dual 6374+ motors, I will match the motor mounts) - sourced!

  • 2x - 63mm motor mounts (TB, boardnamics, etc) - must match trucks and work with wheels - sourced!

  • ~40" deck (Currently looking at a sector nine Maple Lookout deck but willing to change my mind) - sourced!

  • 1x Unity OR some VESC that can handle 12s flawlessly that will work with my old Ollin 4.12 VESC - sourced!

  • 1x Nice controller that won’t kill me. I used a horrid nano remote for over two years, so yea…

All of this will be paired with TB’s new 160mm AT wheel kit. Anything that I can’t source from the community is probably just going to be purchased brand new, which is fine with me but obviously I want to save some $ and help someone else out.

I have already sourced a couple of things from this list and have PM’s with people, but I figured i would make a thread to consolidate this for my sanity.


Here’s my shameless plug

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Still looking for a controller (or suggestions) and deck.

i have a couple unitys for sale…but im in the US…if intl shipping doesnt scare u then cool…

12s all day every day!

ESC’s are sorted, thank you though!

Only looking for a controller at this point

mini remote or gt2b mod have been flawless especially in high interference areas like NYC