WTB USA: ~6355 motors x4 ~190kv

I need four motors about 55mm long. Used or new, but good condition. Need to get my 4wd running by mid August and motors are all I need (and to put together the batt)

Could probably even do 50mm diameter but I prefer 63’s.


I have 4 brand new flipsky 6355 190kv, DMs are open


Not what you asked for but, these will blow your mind :laughing::+1::sunglasses:

Might not be a lot of speed if you are going 12s


What doe WTB USA stand for ??

Newbie questions

WTB= Want to Buy
USA= United States of America


Definitely got the USA part down, thanks a lot


how different will this motor be from a Flipsky 6384 ?

Whats the Pros and Cons using your 6385s ?

They look solid and Heavy

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Main dif is the KV, and my motors are more suited for HV applications

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Whats the benefit of using high voltage application vs the usual 12s battery?

Higher speed, ride more faster


will they fit 3D Services Helical Gear Drives ??

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Yes, if you have 8mm motor gears

Isn’t the potential power output for a 12s8p pack the same as a 18s6p or any other config with the same number of a given cell?


Normally yes, similar, but our bottle neck is usualy going to be our controller.

So figure roughly 160amps Max for a dual controller on a heatsink for semi continues current.

An 8p and a 6p P42a will give you that

But at higher voltage you get more total power if you take this limitation into consideration


Yeah, I get that, that makes sense.

What about in 4wd configs then? Wouldn’t two controllers mean you could take full (or nearly full) advantage of the current from the extra p groups?

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Yes in 4wd you can usually make more use of your big battery…BUT!!! It’s a lot of power, like a lot, you would be thrown off long before. For example this 4wd has almost never been able to pull more then 120 battery amps total, usually on average my battery amps per channel in under 20, because I literally can’t be aggressive, it will throw me off lol.

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Check this ride out

21 miles…average bat amps is 25…divide that by 4 that’s roughly 6-7amps per channel battery…lol