(WTB) (US) TB 218mm Trucks / Caliber II Clones Long

I’m looking for used Torque Boards 218mm trucks for the low low. Just the hanger will work too.

Any other Caliber II clone with a longer axle similar to the TB trucks will work too. Just need the boardnamics motor mounts to be compatible with the truck.

If regular caliber 2s will work for you I think I have 2 pairs at home, 44 degress and 50.

Unfortunately, they won’t for the setup that I’m looking at. I already have Caliber IIs, however, I’m trying to switch to longer trucks so that I can have a pneumatic wheel setup that is hot swappable with my kegels.

@Boardnamics is your guy. He is now selling custom cnc milled extended caliber hangars for a good price.


i really like his hangars but they’re way out of my budget that’s why i’m tryna get used TB trucks