WTB (US) Phatlads, remote, deck, assorted parts

hey guyss, lookin to buy a few used parts if you got em

need some trampa phatlads or megastar 9s: red or black preferred

ALSO need a remote: looking for either a good deal on a hoyt puck or a flipsky vx4 or BKB voyager or somethin

ADDITIONALLY wtb a loaded vanguard or old boosted deck

also wtb a metr pro unity version

I’m located in the seattle area if u can do local pickup, otherwise we can work out shipping – if u have any of the above parts to spare, please lmk!! thanks guys!!

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idk what’s the size of the vanguard esc enclosure, but i have a pair of ECS for sale if u want

i also got other stuff for sale if u r building a board


ESCs are too big unfortunately, and I don’t think there’s anything else I need from you… thanks anyways though man

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yea no problem

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I’m in the process of switching decks and I’ll have a double stack eboosted Evo enclosure available. I’m actually not too far from you (reletively speaking), I’m just down in the longview/Kelso area.
I think it’s in pretty good shape, no cracks- I’ll take some pics when I get off work


would love to see those pics when you’re able!!

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It’s just a chip on the front, it didn’t crack through, otherwise just some surface scratches and I only put one hole through it (for the charge port).


how much would you want for it? :thinking:

I dunno, $60 plus shipping or you’re welcome to pick it up if you get down this way

bump, updated/changed some things