[WTB][US] Onewheel parts. Single vesc with IMU, hub motor and wheel, rails, foot pads

Hey guys! At the end of this week I will be going from sunny Spain to sunny California!

I want to take this opportunity to try to buy some parts for a diy Onewheel, as, in Spain, you have to buy everything from the outside and pay a shitton of taxes…

I’m asking here as i know some of you guys have unfinished funwheels projects, and others are serial hoarders.

Im even open to buy an entire Onewheel without the battery, as i wouldn’t be able to travel with it on my bag.

I’m looking for everything that it’s needed to build a Onewheel but the battery.

I will be in SF, LA And Las Vegas from 16th-28th September.


I have some parts from a build that I got when I was planning to a pint sized one, then I got XR rails

So I’m not sure what is compatible at the moment, I’d need to look a bit, but I might have some stuff for you


Send me a dm with details if you want and we can maybe work things out!


I will, I’m gonna have to look at the parts and try to figure out what I can use and what is not useful to me