[WTB - US] Moonbeams

Looking for a set of Moonbeams for my board :+1:


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I need to pick a few of those up.
had some and gave them away.
Now i need them lol

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Hopefully someone still has them, I’m really looking for that carbon fiber. Lol.

Thank you though :slight_smile:

Yeah won’t be making these again, I know that you know that already but I will say it again…

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Curse that damn factory shutting down… Or whatever the problem was :sob:

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Mabye @akhlut can do another limited run of CF X things and can cut these kind?

I love my CF X Thingys :joy::joy::joy:


Those were bomb. I think others would love some.

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Im still waiting for the right board to put them on, there too beautiful to put on a shitty board.

The drone company?

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I wonder how their prices are.

On there website now and dont see anything guess you gotta contact them.

What about the here prices? Is it less if we pay over there?

Ive just uploaded the design , waiting for approval.

Ill upload some of my motor plates if they give a good price. I know some people liked my motor plates when I made them…


I had two sets of your plates. Andrew forced me out of both tho.