[WTB][US] metal Electric Flywheel pullies 43T 15mm

I’m looking for metal ABEC11 Electric Flywheel pullies, 43T 15mm HTD5M. Press-fit preferred.

I have that exact thing, got them from dexter, they are not that great…we need Hobbyking to make wheel pulley options, I like their flywheel interface the best…

I think @torqueboards only has pulleys for SuperFly wheels, not Electric Flywheels

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I am using them on Reflys…

Oh man, you got the old Electric Flywheel’s with the wider lip on them? What about a lathe to the wheel?

If I wanted a thinner wheel, I’d use the Superfly wheels. I love the extra width on the inside. I already use those as front unpowered wheels. Those old Electric Flywheels roll over railroad tracks like you wouldn’t believe.

But if I could find a couple pulleys I could use them on the rear also.

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Pixelsilva is making some, I have him a 3d printed one to clone


Getting someone to make metal pulleys, price will probably be 100 a set @b264


Back into building I see? That was quick :wink:


No, getting someone to do it for me

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@Janux-esk8 might have some

I can machine them either bolt on or PressFit.

The problem I’ve experienced with bolt-on is some of them don’t work very well. They have to fit really well and stay concentric to the axle even under load and not wiggle loose.

Some bolt-on ones I use do work really well. It really depends which pulley…

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Maybe a dumb question, but if it comes down to it and you can only do certain bolt on pulleys, how about 3D print an adapter to make a bearing fit snug inside the bolt on pulley? That worked great for me to keep my bolt on pulleys concentric.

Some bolt-on pulleys have bearings in them, like the dickyho pulleys. They are good.

But, in this case, the Electric Flywheels are very wide on the inside and the axle needed for a pulley with a bearing would be longer even than a Caliber E or a TB218 axle. So because these wheels go so far in, it’d probably have to float over the hanger.

Maybe Evolve Supercarve trucks would have a long enough axle, not sure. But I didn’t want DKP on the rear. I could use those as front wheel drive… but I also wanted shorter hangers than that.

These wheels sold, I don’t need to buy a pulley any more

@Dareno I don’t know if WTS threads close when the buyer no longer needs the item. ?

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No they don’t but as a rule we don’t close unless asked.

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