[WTB] [US - IL] - kWeld / Malectrics Spot Welding Kit

Looking for a kWeld or a Malectrics spot welding kit - looking to use it with a lipo battery. Other DIY welding kits are also ok as long as they work fine.

If anyone has 3s (5000 mAh+, 60C+) lipo batteries - I will probably also need 2 of those.

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I have some pretty well used but still low internal resistance 3s 60C lipos I wanna get rid of. Can even include the high amperage harness I made for them. Was getting solid 18ms welds with these on a malectrics.

Was able to get 800A out of this

I switched to a truck battery is why I’m selling btw


are you looking to sell the maletrics kit too?

Not really no, it’s working well for me

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ok that’s good to know.

I’m trying to find someone who’s selling a maletrics kit or kweld kit so that I can buy these lips off you.

I will let you know if I find someone.

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My DMs are open

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