WTB [US] Gear or belt drive and motors

Finally decided that I need to upgrade my motors and drive system on my board as soon as possible instead of waiting. My motor sleeves are getting too worn and I don’t want to risk destroying all of them before I can upgrade.

I don’t have a set price range, but I’m not looking to buy anything that is the newest/greatest in esk8 tech. I’ve put several thousand miles on my current set-up with hub motors so when I say my standards are low I mean it. Let me know if I left out any needed information and I’ll add it.

I’m leaning more towards getting a gear drive but I’m open to going with a belt drive if it would be easier and cheaper to buy one that’ll work for me. I also don’t care if the parts are new or used so long as they’re functional. Links to products are also fine but I’d rather buy directly from someone on here to give people a chance to get rid of old parts they never use anymore.

I’m looking for a drive system that will be compatible with a flat deck, RKP trucks, and both tires and urethane wheels. My current trucks won’t be compatible with most motor mounts so they don’t need to be compatible with any specific brand of truck since I’ll need to get new trucks anyway. I mainly ride on the street so I don’t need anything crazy powerful.

If you have motors that work with the drive system I’ll probably be interested in them too. Just need them to be able to get at least 26mph with a 10s5p battery and a 200A FESC. Max total weight on my board is only around 150-165 pounds so not exactly a hard requirement to meet. Also the more range I can get at around that 26mph speed the better.

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Gear drives are a fixed ratio once installed so it wouldnt work well for both sets of wheels. Go for the standard pulley drive from the evolve style boards for the ease.

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Ive got a set of generic OEM belt drive motors from an eovan if that works for you? Youd need to swap out the connector end to run with a VESC, but other than that they should work perfectly with any belt drive setup.

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If I end up buying a system that they’re compatible with then I might be interested. I won’t know for sure until I buy a belt drive system first though.

I don’t mind it being difficult to swap stuff around so long as the option is still there. I wouldn’t be swapping stuff out while already out on my board. I just don’t know if I will like riding on tires and have no way to test a set-up out with them before upgrading my board.

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I think the boardnamics m1 gear drive comes in different ratios, you could swap pinions out. The problem is that the ratios are so different for urethane vs pnematics it is much easier to swap a wheel pulley out.

Edit: tires.

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If I end up buying a completely new drive then I might go with that drive. Since it looks like the m1 gear drive is compatible with one type of tire and then some urethane wheels.

I’ll still probably wait a few days first in case I can buy anything used.