[WTB-US] BN220 Hangers and base plates (Caliber, etc)

Looking for -

Boardnamics 220 Precision Hangers (2 please)

And base plates that fit - 44/50 ideally.

Gently used. So I don’t have to eat ramen to swing this first build. Or tips on how to church up some ramen for more flavor.

Located in TX, USA.



An egg and green onion :clap:


Second this.

Either just yeet the egg in there or try to poach it.


Love me a soft boiled egg. When that yolk runs :drooling_face:

Would also take a 50 deg, 43 deg, 35 deg compatible baseplate (Caliber, Paris, Randal) anyone has laying around…


You gotta splurge a little and substitute boxed broth for the packet. The extra $1 in food cost really goes a long way.

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Whoa now, let’s not get crazy here. We’re not all made of gold-plated covid vaccine syringes.

But what’s this about boxed broth? Like a bouillon cube?


I have a set of Caliber trucks from my old Inboard M1 and they are 50 degrees not sure if they are 220mm

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I can throw them inside your envelope it should fit

If you wish.

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Ive actually got a singular TB 220 CNC hanger + baseplate, in red.

Ive got the other hanger JBwelded to a set of v6 dual crossbarred mounts too, but it doesnt seem like you them paired together :thinking: (they also have battle harded maytechs stuck on them, Im too lazy to disassemble it)

The entire trucks? Baseplate + hanger? If you say they’ll fit haha

What do you want for them?

I just looked at my parts bin and was mistaken
I only had 1 Caliber Baseplate.

I just sized the big USPS envelope for the wheels and nothing else would be able to fit, the wheels all snuggly fit in there

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Tracking number coming.

Sooooo, anyone got two bn 220 hangers? In need of them asap lol


If you can wait a week, I should have some then.


Keep me posted. I’d buy from you right away, but out of stock. I also need clamps, will those be back in stock in a week too?

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Yes they will. It should be end of next week. Really depends on how fast the port workers are at picking up the container.


Got it. Keep us posted




@xsynatic totally forgot about this thd - feel free to close if no one has anything else to say lol

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