[WTB] [US] Black TB218s (PURCHASED)

Like the title suggests, I am looking for TB218s…


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@torqueboards ?

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I might have a single truck available if interested? I just ordered a set for this budget board I’m building my bro… Need the 218 to fit dual 6374s in the rear but may put the caliber up front.


About to sell mine with janux mounts but in the U.K. and shipping is like £20

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hmmmm. I would rather have need both…

how much would you want?

And I do not rly need the janux mounts, gunna rock kevin’s mounts.

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Dunno but not worth it for you as in the eu they are worth way more cause of vat and etc

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If no one has em, ig I will just get em new from tb

ahhhh. They would be perfect, but I kinda need black.

Thanks though…


@torqueboards do you have any blemished stock, or anything sitting around?

How much u want for the blue tb218’s with mounts?


will look so good with the blue bergss

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I actually just had a local buddy say he wants them.

got em

pls close @wandagoner

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