[WTB][US] Black SR TKP Adjustable Baseplates

I’m looking for some Surf Rodz TKP Adapters for Hammock adjustable baseplates. I already have Hammock baseplates so I only need the adapters, but I’m willing to buy a full set if necessary.

Prefer to buy from US, but not opposed to international if shipping isn’t through the roof.

bump! any SR TKP adjustables work actually


By rights, these should work with @Razillian trucks as well


Thanks! I’ve been waiting for those to come back in stock in black for a few months now, but no dice so far

Spray paint my dude

Wait… so the razillian DKP trucks are fully SR TKP compatible? So… i could buy this adjustable baseplate, his midpiece, and any SR TKP compatible standard hanger?

And also, by that logic… a savage1 tkp hanger and this adjustable baseplate?


Theoretically i believe you are correct on all points.


I’m under the impression that all 3 share the Surf Rodz geometry.

My goal is actually to run adjustable baseplates with Savage1 TKPs to add enough height to run drop through, since I think the Hummie deck looks really bad with trucks top mounted.


Thanks for the insight, but now i have more shit to buy :joy:

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All three have the same approximate angle and distance between the kingpin and pivot, so in theory the parts should be interchangeable.

But as I’ve only ever tested my parts against a standard sr baseplate and sr hanger, those are the only ones I can confirm.


I didn’t believe you so I tried mix-matching my Surf Rodz and Savage trucks…

Wow, it’s a perfect fit! I guess this means you could use a Surf rodz baseplate in the front for more turning angle. Or an adjustable one in the back to decrease the angle for stability (which I’d rather have). Cool!


Update: Surf-Rodz finally emailed me back after multiple weeks and stated that their adjustable baseplates are 21.5mm tall while their fixed baseplates are 30mm tall, so the Surf-Rodz ones won’t work for me after all. However, they found a pair of black ones and updated the stock on their website, so if anyone else wants them, now’s your chance!

I’m now back to looking for Hammock baseplates or SR TKP adapters, or Bowery Surf ones if there was a Surf-Rodz option.