[WTB] [US] Adventuring Mountain Board

Hello everyone! This will have a good bit of context followed by a TLDR Summary at the bottom for ease of reading! :grin: Thanks for stopping by guys!

So I’ve owned a backfire G5 for about a year now, ive had some power reliabilty issues(it just turns off while riding, once while going down a steep hill). But when its not having issues, I end up maxing the range and speed of the board on every ride. I ride very hilly terrain, a mixture of dirt/gravel roads and trails with rural streets with huge gaping cracks and rocks in the road (and i understand these conditions will put strain on the machine and will affect preformance). The cloud wheels on the backfire do just fine for everything i do. Im new to the sport and a bit worried about the nuances of owning a DIY Board, although the riding and carving is very similar to snowboarding so I feel very comfortable on the boards. That being said i would like it to be decent at carving as nothing beats the feeling of carving down a nice road. :snowboarder: Happy riding everyone, thanks for reading! I

20 MPH Minimum
Largest battery possible
Rider: 190Lbs wet
Wheels that can handle off road conditions (atleast 105MM)
Ideally ~2K but flexible

I travel alot through the midwest and west for potential pickups, Ive got shipping locations in the Dakotas, Colorado, and California.

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WTS [US] 2117 Wh (50.4V) Propel Endeavor Pro 1

Thanks for the heads up :+1: Im in contact with him and thats most likely what ill get just from availabity. Just trying to see if i can get anyone else to try and offer a board for cash, see if i have other options.

For off roading you’d want something around 8in. Maybe 6in if you know it’ll be tame.


If you’re ever near North Carolina, I have some sick offroad rides that I’d sell.