WTB (US) 6374 Motors (used or cheap new.. goal is <$130)

Looking for a pair of used 6374 motors to put on my BKB Duo and give it more torque. Will be used with a Xenith VESC (basically a Unity). I’ve seen some pairs of used ones go for like $110-120 so that’s my goal.

Also, located in South Carolina, US so For shippings sake would prefer US.

Thank you!

Hobby King has them for $54 a pair, the catch is no key and no sensors

Geez, do they even have a flat spot?

Wow I haven’t seen them for $54 a pair that’s insane. Cheapest I’ve seen was $41 for 1, and it was a smooth shaft that relied on a collar to mount a propellor to.

Nah them fuckers :sparkles: r o u n d :sparkles:

Probably needs a split collar clamp or a press fit an retaining compound


no thanks

I’d sand a flat spot with griptape before I did that

I know some folks have luck with that but I don’t trust friction solutions to be my emergency brakes

Yeah I’m just gonna stick to more eskate specific motors with D shafts or keyways :joy: thanks though haha.

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I have two brand new flipsky 6368 190kv motors with 10MM D shafts. I’d be willing to sell them to you for $125 shipped. I can get some pictures for you in a bit

Also, larger motors do NOT give you more torque. Larger motors will give you more headroom to turn your ESC settings up, but you’re most likely limited by battery.

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Not true

you know just as well that 6355 motors saturate to crap at 60a

With 6374 100a is more possible and there’s a huge difference in torque

You are right in the fact that it’s not the motor, it’s the ESC driving it that gives it more torque. Bigger motors + turned up ESC settings = more torque

Bigger motors + same settings = same, but maybe the motors stay a little cooler for longer

BKB uses a 10s3p 30Q, that’s like 20 battery amps per side unless you wanna sag like hell. Even if you’re at 100 motor amps, that will drop off VERY quickly with such low battery current.

nvm its 10s3p p26a


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Pictures would be great thank you. I prob should’ve specified 8mm d shafts would be preferable but I can’t get picky. Do you happen to have 17-20tooth motor pulleys that will fit that? I’ve got a 20t one on right now but for 8mm D shaft.

Also, I thought the same thing… but having had vesc boards with 6384,6374, and now 6354… but 12s and 60a on all of them with the same hearing the bigger motors have immensely more off the line acceleration. My board with 12s, 60a/motor, and 6354s has horrendous torque off the line. 20t speed pulleys certainly are to blame but a bigger motor improves the low end torque from my experience.


I didn’t read the context lol woops but ya if the battery is that small maybe not much of a difference

Unfortunately, the only pullies available for these are 15T.

I made a 12s4p P26A battery, so I’m chillin Amps wise. Battery is not the limiting factor at least right now

15T is a great option for larger wheels, I’m running 15 to 60 on my pneummies rn, great torque

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What’s your top speed with a 20T motor pulley? I imagine its pretty damn high, especially going up to 12s.

Hmm good point. But I’m using boosted 105’s and regularly cruise at 40 so I’d miss that top end speed.

Any idea of a VESC setting to get more low down torque from my existing motors? It has ridiculous power at 20+ mph but below that and especially from a standstill it’s horrendous

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Top speed is probably ~45 if I had to guess. Hitting 40 happens very easily and def has more room to go

Turn up your motor current. On 6354s, set it to 60. It scales with the size of the stator.
Also jesus christ that’s fast. 40mph or km?

TF? Where do you live that you can cruise at 40?? There’s like maybe one or two streets near me that are smooth enough and long enough to even hit 40 at all

You do that on a BKB decK???