[WTB][US] 12s3p or 12s 4p battery

Turns out two cell groups are slightly unbalanced on my current 12s3p battery. (all are at 3.56 v except for one a 4v and another at 3v) So potentially RIP that battery, but I may be able to save it. Probably should have made sure it was at half capacity when it arrived to prevent any issues.

So now I need a flat 12s 3p battery or potentially a 12s4p battery. I think I should have space for a 12s4p but I’d need the battery’s dimensions to know for sure. The sooner I can get one the better so that way I get to not be in pain on my hub motor build.

Current pack has a width of 5.5" and length of 13" then height ~1.25" there is some extra room in the case for a little extra width and then maybe 3" extra space for length but probably closer to 2.75" extra length
Used or new is fine but I do prefer to just buy a pack that is already made so I don’t have to wait but also with so many people upgrading to larger packs I’m sure someone has an extra 12s3p of 12s4p they don’t need anymore. If that is you then sell it to me please .

careful with this, likely not worth it… although idk if just rebalancing is less risky

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A cell group sitting at 3v does not fall under the reviving category. It is just a completely depleted cell group so it isn’t dangerous. I still have no way to know 100% why the group is lower though so there is a chance that is only a temporary fix. Hence me trying to buy a new battery and making this thread.

this can be locked now. @xsynatic or @longhairedboy pls do the thing because I don’t think I’m able to

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