|WTB| |US| 10mm Bore pulleys

Looking for a 10mm bore motor pulley w keyway slots.

I got 15t no keyway tho… I just screw the set screws into the keyway groove

Metal or aluminum?


Steel or aluminum

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Aluminium is metal :joy:

I think you meant Steel.

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I do the same thing + a dot of loctite 603
Never failed

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hey I should actually have a few 10mm pulleys with keyway. I can look for them tomorrow


Awesome. Thank you.

Is it 1 your looking for?

@pookybear still looking for one? I found a 14t and a 16… the 14 is missing a flange. should not matter if your drivetrain is straight. you can jb weld a washer to it if necessary.
the 16t has 2 dents in one of the flangs. can be straighten with a plier. missing grubscrews on both…(m3)

I´ve been pm´d by others who´s looking for 10mm bors with keyways, but you are first in line so let me know

Yes please. PM incoming

Close please. @BillGordon

Traded my 8mm bore pulley for 10mm ones from @Skyart

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