WTB UK Haero Bro Deck

Is anyone in the UK wanting to sell a Haero Bro Deck?

Would be ideal if it had Trampa battery box holes drilled.


Hey Will, the ones we have already have the inserts for battery case. Its a fraction of a mm or two out as ours are 50mm apart and the trampa box are something weird like 51.0342mm apart. I’ve fitted a trampa box to an apex deck by filling and re-drilling the outer holes. Was a well known world mountainboard world champions deck so definitely works. :wink:

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Oh nice. What did you fill the trampa outer holes with? I’m not very good at drilling etc always seem to mess it up hence why I asked if someone’s selling one set up!

Filled with…filler. :rofl:
To be fair it wasn’t too hard but if it’s something you’re not at ease with i might not recommend it.
Epoxy or polyester filler.


Okay I’ll look into it. Sorry not much of a filler fella so didn’t know what you meant :joy:

Cheers Ben

Could also go for a good middle ground filler and pick up some plastic wood. Stronger than typical wood filler but more wood like than epoxy.

Not sure if it is available in the UK though but in the US it looks like this:

How well would something like this grip go the carbon battery box of a trampa though?

I feel like this point it would be better to put threaded inserts into the deck at the correct position and go from there

I thought you were filling the holes in the wooden deck. If you’re filling the holes in the enclosure then use epoxy instead.

I prefer bolt and lock nut through the deck and enclosure since there is no chance of the bolt coming loose due to vibrations. Using a threaded insert wouldn’t really fix you alignment issue either and you would still need to drill out a hole first

Let me tell you from experience it’s easier and better to get the deck with the inserts already fitted and slightly widen the holes in your trampa monster box. I think Ben may have scared you slightly but the difference is pretty minimal, just need to open those holes on the box slightly, it’s a quick and easy job


As a side note Will. We may have an old design deck here at a knockdown price with your name on it. :grin:


What flex?

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I’ll provisionally call shotgun cos I like that graphic


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I’m quite small/light but at a good price I’m sure can make it work.

Have sent u a message!

Managed to find one. Please close this @admin