WTB (UK) BN 220 / Baseplates / Mounts

Long shot but does anyone in the UK have a set of Boardnamics 220mm trucks with fixed baseplates?

Also looking for 2 mounts for them, ideally with idlers


I don’t but I know who does. Hopefully I don’t regret this when they sell out and I decide I need more lol

Unfortunately seems like @Anubis doesn’t have baseplates (I use caliber ones from him for mine) but maybe he’ll confirm. Failing that though, caliber baseplates can be found in basically any skate shop

Also Ben if you’re ever clearing out 270mms please let me know, I bought 220s shortly before they went on sale and the £130 for 270 is fair but also stings

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Thanks bud, I have seen those and have that saved in case but was still needing the baseplate and motor mounts so thought I’d post on here first to see if anyone had a set as nexus boards only has the hangers.

I think I only have a few sets of 270 left so they probably won’t go on clearance, but who knows.
I am half done setting up an EU + China warehouse for my stuff so it won’t be long before everything is restocked in Spain (spain might take a while though) and China for 18650 club and nexusboards.

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Sorted now thanks to @Anubis

@xsynatic can you close please