WTB tubes for 6x2 tires

Title says it all, dickyho sells them for 3$ a piece and I don’t really want to wait on shipping. I would like 6 but realistically only need 4. What you guys got? @Psychotiller maybe since you sell 6 shooters?

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Was just looking at those, bad ratings are scaring me. I know I have to shave down some of the aluminum on the valve so they won’t pop but it’s a little sus

They want and arm and a leg for shipping lmao.

Dude. I thought you had already ordered them. It should be halfway to you by now. Tiller should be able to help you.

I had them in my cart being stupid thinking I ordered them lmao

He’s talking about the tubes which are marked for prime

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Tiller, oh tiller

I got some here you can use while your order comes in. Dickyho is the man $3 is super cheap. I doubt you’ll find them cheaper and faster

Let’s get a group ride going and I’ll bring them.


You can also use those from Evolve or Haggy.

Haggy tubes are way skinny though, sure they are compatible?

@ZachTetra they blow up like baloons though.

@KaramQ i found these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000159305804.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.72bc506b7lKyub&algo_pvid=a46e7ae1-130f-401d-9383-d4f4c46494e3&algo_expid=a46e7ae1-130f-401d-9383-d4f4c46494e3-9&btsid=dc46c0ea-e258-4590-b7bb-1825cbe62df9&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_9,searchweb201603_53

The Clever tubes are inexpensive and generic but lordy do they go on forever if treated well. Do yourself a favor and order 20 of then from ali.

I’m going to grab some from @iamasalmon and I ordered 8 from Ali already

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So @BillGordon can close the thread @KaramQ ?

( don’t do it @mmaner I’m watching you )