WTB TSG Pass/Predator/S1/triple eight full face LG/XL

Putting some feelers out. WTB a TSG pass/predator/s1 ,or some other low profile full face longboard helmet w/visor .

As much as I love my downhill MTB helmet, I need something to keep the wind off of my face during my winter rides.

I got a Pass Pro in Large, but they run a little small so maybe not


@ZachTetra how much you selling that for

It’s one of the fancy carbon fiber ones so I was hoping for $350


hmm really? I don’t have a small head but I fit great in a small. Medium would be too loose for sure.

after staring at my head in the mirror it might be small

buying a used helmet is just too yucky for me even to fathom


I have the standard Pass and the CF Pass Pro, both in large, the standard is a perfectly cozy fit but the pro is kinda uncomfortably tight…maybe the have a different padding or something? All I know is I really don’t like wearing the pro

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ahhhh pro vs no I gotcha. You’re prob right about that.

Tight is safe in skate!

I mean once you wear your helmet its technically used too and I bet you put it on still


what color is the standard pass?

yeah but it’s my DNA not some other f00ls DNA…
fuck that


I have yet to try to clean mine yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

we should have a thread about that.

Sanitize that shiz. I’d almost rather have it worn in. Takes a while with helmets

Standard one I use is matte black

go to UtUUbe look for motorcycle helmet pad cleaning… but fuck that I buy new pads


You selling that one?
Doesn’t TSG pass categorize lg/xl as one size?

Why you got a second one :joy: @ZachTetra

Sorry mate, that one is my daily head wear still

I think so? I’m just saying that from anecdotal evidence the pro runs a size small…like I can wear it but it starts to hurt after a while

fuck that… when the pads get all squish-shishy they’re less supportive… I like virginal pads… my brain needs all the protection it can get for the one brain-cell I’m living on…

ok I’m out… sorry…

mute thread


If I get another fall I am retiring the standard one, thought it would be good to have a second handy

Also for friends…if someone is riding with me on my board I’d like them to wear a helmet to match the power (they ride Boosteds and Blizarts and crap)

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