WTB Trucks, Vesc, Mount, Remote - Friend’s build

Soo I got one of my friends into the diy world and gonna pass on some of my parts to him and help him build it :slightly_smiling_face:

He still needs a set of TB 218s or similar extended axles, a motor mount (preferably boardnamics), a vesc (TB will do), and a remote (flipsky vx1). He’s running on a budget so any spare parts for cheap would be cool.

Show me what you got! Thanks guys

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just got ur message, if you want the caliber hangers and custom mount I can send them with the enertion mounts. in terms of vesc, I only have the dual

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I got a set of TB 218 trucks and TB V5 forward mounts, basically new…any interest?


Probably should have mentioned that he’s running a single motor setup as of now…:smile:

I’d be interested in the trucks but I’m assuming you wouldn’t want to split up the setup

I mean I’d rather not have a set of mounts that are far too big for me. If you keep the other mount it will prevent it from getting twisted and leave him some options in the future?

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What’s his body type?

Yeah, that’s a possibility. But I think that setup is worth a lot more than he’s willing to spend lol and I don’t want to steal that from you

I’ll pm you and see if we can work something out

He’s about 130 pounds. Running a single 6374 as of now

He might add a second motor in the future

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10s or 12s?

Dual will give him better efficiency over a single. And if hills are a thing where you’re @, dual ftw

I ran a single 6374 on 8s and then 10s. 100mm wheels. It struggled with most hills on both. Him and I right @ same weight too.

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10s3p battery from metroboard on 97mm wheels :grimacing:

Not the best cells and discharge, yes, but he isn’t climbing too many hills. Yeah I agree, dual drive ftw, but he’s a on a limited budget so we sorta agreed on single drive for now

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Shoot me a text or a group text with him. I might have something for you :grin:

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@J0ker hooked up with some parts but still looking for a single 4.12 Vesc!

Maytech, TB, even flipsky I guess (although preferably not)

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Got everything my bud needed thanks to @J0ker and @dtaoo

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@mmaner @BillGordon


Glad I could help homie!