WTB Trampa Vertigo Truck (Texas, USA)

Today while rotating my wheels, it seems i stripped one of my axles.:woman_facepalming: (bring in the insults for my stupidity please.)

It seems I cant find this on Trampa’s website as I would assume it isn’t something normally ordered. I might have to buy a whole new hanger huh?

Gonna edit the thread for a Vertigo hanger. I don’t need the baseplate but I’ll consider it.

Regardless if anyone can help out, please holler.


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Which trucks?

i have vertigos.

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Can you pull the axle out of yours?

It has the grubscrew to remove it so I would assume that with some heat any locktite if any will become lose.

I read this on older forum but maybe it’s worth getting a clarification from dear old @Trampa please?

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Well to get to the point I’m selling some trampa Carver trucks you could use for parts

I had this happen once as well. I just did cut a new thread on the existing axle.
The ultimate axles are quite easy to remove.
The 12mm axles are more hard to get out.
Just removing the grub and heat will not be enough as far as I remember.
@mmaner did remove his axles on those trucks before. Think he can give you some advice how to get them out best.

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The axles are press fitted and glued. Not so easy to remove…

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Editing the thread. :weary:

Get a bunch of washers, stack them on the axle until they are half way up the threads. Tighten the nut until the axle starts to pull out of the hanger. Remove the nut, add more washers, repeat until it pops out.

I did this on infinity trucks.