WTB trampa or kaly barrel retainers 8X [US]

I need 8 of the retainers for the trampa barrels or kaly dampers. Hardware included would be nice.

4x M5 x 30mm HEX Head Bolt
4x M5 x 16 Countersunk TORX Bolt
4x M5 Washer


Why 8? You got 2 boards with trampa trucks?

2 per barrel, 4 barrels, 8 retainers?

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oh shit yep I read it wrong my bad.
I think you’ll be better of buying it from Trampa or KalyNYC directly. tried to find some to buy a couple weeks back and nobody had some.
I wonder if there would be some that are 3d printed :thinking:

yesh I was fearing that would be the case. I guess KalyNYC is the best? For the same price I’d get some extra barrels pretty much

It’s a pretty simple piece. There might be a substitute thing that could work, in the hardware store.

It might need to be aluminum so 3d printing I am afraid would not work, unless you can print aluminum?

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you can 3D print metal but it is really expensive and you need the machine so not worth it xD

I doubt you could find something like that in any hardware store

Well I managed to make some makeshift retainers that work well with some scraps from a used parts shop. Basically just drilled some holes onto the parts that were 13.5cm in diameter and fitted some screws. $1.50 for 4.

But the barrels I got from China are way to rigid D:

Dang it


pulled the trigger on them kaly barrels fyi

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