WTB: Spot welder w/ lipo batteries

Taking a shot in the dark but im seeing if anyone in Canada has a kweld/malectrics spot welder with the correct batteries for sale

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Haha where abouts are you? I’m in Berta.

Ontario :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I have an extra kweld but no lipos. You can easily source them through hobbyking tho. Hmu if ur interested.

In ON as well. Toronto area

interested. been having a hell of a time finding a battery in stock that can ship to canada, found a 75c 7600mah from canadahobbies that i think is ok to use with the malectrics and i guess even the kweld.

This is the lipo I use as a power source. Ships to Canada.

Thanks, whats the cheapest charger i can get away with ?

Cheapest? The savings isn’t really worth the risk. You’ll also need a lipo bag for storage and charging and whatnot.

Combo Special: Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger for NiMH/NiCD/Li-PO/Li-Fe Battery Packs + Power Supply https://a.co/d/4rDVBg6

That’s the charger I use and it’s good. Lipo bags are ubiquitous and cheap.

Thanks, im confused about how all these chargers use XT60 but the battery in use is using an XT90. I assume this charger has the required adapters to hook it up?

got the fireproof bags. not trying to cheap out everywhere just where its possible

You’ll have to solder an xt90 onto that charger. It comes w an extra set of unused leads on it for that purpose. It’s got a ton of other connectors on it to and I’ve used it for lots of other stuff. UI is good too. Make sure you’re using balance charge every time on the lipo. One of mine is significantly out of balance rn bc I neglected that bit :expressionless:

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Good tip, ill finish up the yt watching before i get my hands on everything. Howd you end up with an extra kweld? curious about the condition

Used but in very good condition. Was having some trouble w it so I boughta new one. Realized after the that fact that the problem was with the probes- I’d let them get dull and the welds suffered as a result. You would have to buy or print a case though as I don’t have one for the spare. I’ll test it throughly if you’re serious to make sure it’s all good. DM me

isdt makes really good chargers

their 608AC has a PSU and is more reliable than the imax B6/B6 clones

the hobbymate D6duo/similar models are also good

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