[WTB] Slick Revolution Urban Carver working ESC

I am looking for esc or esc+whole case, but it has to be in working order. I know it’s a long shot, but still hoping someone has some leftovers

this one:

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seems like a good time to upgrade for a vesc? depends on depth, makerx has good options, either the dv6pro or d60 or m100


yes, that will be second option if I won’t manage to find original esc.

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Most people here would encourage the VESC option.

That is a hobby wing esc right? :thinking:

Doesn’t look like a Ling Yi and hobbywing is the other common esc out there

Also if you go with a VESC you will likely need to make your own case or try and use the case from that one.

Slick revolution has propriatary escs as far as i know.

that would be my guess too.

It’s friends board and he would like to fix it for as cheap as possible. I was hoping to get original esc for like 50-100$, and if I go with makerX DV4 + anti spark switch + remote + taxes it will cost 300$ or so. and friend will probably never upgrade anything else on board (stock battery is 7 or 8s, motors are pretty small, probably 5045 or something like that) so even DV4 won’t ever be near its max potential.

The esk8 sub reddit buy/sell thread is usually the best place to look for replacement parts for production boards. Might want to post over there too and see if anyone has one.


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Tin, Luka iz Zga. Treba mi pomoc oko elektricnog skejta. Imas insta ili mail?

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